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“Banned” Halloween Costumes

In time for Halloween, I feel that the costumes make it really feel like fall. If we didn’t have costumes what would Halloween look like? Halloween can bring up a lot of topics, and one that has been surfacing around the internet is “banned” costumes. A town in Pennsylvania has even canceled kids’ costume parades because of the scary and dangerous behavior. The real truth is that there is not really a way to ban costumes. We could take them off every shelf, but there will always be that one person that doesn’t listen.

After Netflix’s release of “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” people started to get more interested in things that represented Dahmer. This angered many people and led eBay to take down every item that represented Dahmer and his violence. Many schools in America have also been outraged by kids wanting to dress as Dahmer for Halloween as a joke. This is not a funny thing and the TV series has brought much pain to the family of the victims. If teenagers dress as him and make remarks it could enrage people and then they may retaliate.

Other costumes that are being banned are Squid Games costumes, creepy clown costumes, WWII costumes, and culturally insensitive costumes. There are obvious reasons for these costumes to be banned, but people still make a fuss. I understand that people want the right to do whatever they want, but these costumes are not appropriate and are extremely wrong. Not everyone has the same ideas, but I think we can all agree that these costumes could bring up trauma and may be seen as mockery. I hope that people get the memo and do not dress up as these figures for Halloween. Of course, Halloween is still meant to be fun and a time when you can mask your identity for one night only! Be safe this weekend and eat all the candy you can.



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