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Wednesday Review

**Contains Spoilers**

“Want to take a stab at being social?”

Wednesday is a spin-off series of the movie trilogy “The Addams Family” which focuses on the misunderstood teen daughter of Gomez and Morticia at her new school, the Nevermore Academy. The series has been a huge success and fans are anxiously waiting for the confirmation of season 2.

The series was released to Netflix on November 23, 2022, and was directed by Tim Burton. If that’s not a clue there, you should already know the show is gonna be good if it was directed by Tim Burton.

Originally I was worried the show wouldn’t be able to compete with the other versions of the Addams family but wow did it amaze me! It is incredibly amazing! The cast was chosen so well, the music, set design, storyline, and aesthetic left me speechless. I grew up watching the Addams family movies and loving them for how weirdly odd they were but Wednesday with its chilling mix between fantasy, comedic horror, supernatural, and adventure takes it to the next level showing us a side of Wednesday we never got to see in the movies. I wouldn’t have ever imagined Jenna Ortega as Wednesday since the role was a pretty hard act to follow, but she delivered wonderfully, proving that she was just the ideal choice and perfectly embodied the unique, sadistic, “keep your hands to yourself”, cold dark rebel with the pigtails and a literal killer fashion sense, Wednesday Addams.

Although Wednesday isn’t known for her endearing qualities, her dark humor and quick wit always catch you off guard. For example, when Wednesday told Gomez that she knew he didn’t have what it took to be a Convicted Killer, Gomez responded by saying he forgives her even though what she said “stings.” As you see each mystery come to light, you’ll also note that there is a lot of multi-level storytelling, which gives the characters and storyline a lot of complexity and depth.

The Soundtrack is also pretty good, something that is certainly noticeable as they turned Classical Songs from the 1970s onwards into Instrumentals played by an Orchestra.

**Show Summary**

Morticia and Gomez Addam make a decision to send Wednesday to their alma mater, Nevermore the school of Outcasts located in Jericho, a town of normies after their daughter was expelled from all the schools she attended before. This series covers her journey through Nevermore as she’s adamant about trying everything in her power to escape. The town had a series of mysterious murders which she felt compelled to solve as this is her favorite pass time after writing her dark novels and playing the cello, of course. Nevermore is separated into four factions namely, the Fangs, Furs, Scales, and Stoners. Wednesday, however, has psychic abilities, and so did her mother and the school is run by Principal Weems, who’s a shapeshifter.

Throughout her Journey at Nevermore, Wednesday is surrounded by interesting characters, most especially her roommate, Enid Sinclaire, her extreme opposite. I also liked the friendship that was formed between the roommates Wednesday and Enid Sinclair. The yin and yang duo fit quite nicely along with their trusty sidekick Thing who is a classic character played as a special stitched-up hand from the movies. Wednesday can be dark and self-centered, however, at her core, she keeps an eye out for those she truly loves. I love how we get a grain of warmth through her weird friendships with Enid because “they just work” and how she looks out for Eugene because “the hive always sticks together”.

Wednesday always seems to find herself at the center of trouble both in town and in school. In addition, the Addams family does get to make guest appearances throughout the series including her parents, Pugsley, Lurch, and Uncle Fester.

Fun fact: Christina Richie, who used to play one of the original Wednesday Addams, returns as the villain of the story as a teacher, Miss Marilyn Thornhill.

  • I’m genuinely glad they didn’t just go into the Series giving her a Cameo Role and believe we may even see more of her in succeeding Seasons. In addition, as you may know from the movies the theme song is always the most important addition, and was thrilled to see they used the iconic Addams snap.

Even though I kinda guessed that there was something off about Tyler from the beginning and I had my suspicions about Mrs. Thornhill as well as headmistress Weems as I watched, I truly was shocked at every twist especially the scene with Tyler and Wednesday in the police station during episode 8.


Wednesday 2022 is absolutely phenomenal and absolutely lives up to the Addams family name! The storyline was thrilling, the twists and turns made the story exciting. Even the little details made it perfect. Wondering what adventures Wednesday will take next, the production of season 2 has been announced that it will be coming your way end of 2023, or early 2024.

“Wednesday Addams Iconic and most trending dance which took place in episode four of the Netflix series”

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