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New Movies at Lake 8 You Should Go See

The movie theaters haven’t gone away. Our very own Lake 8 Cinemas has some great new releases on the big screen this month. If you want to see something new, go support our local theater and watch a new movie. You may be in the mood for a rom-com or maybe a psychological thriller? The following movies and more are playing at Lake 8 right now.

Bros- ¨Universal Pictures proudly presents the first romantic comedy from a major studio about two gay men.¨ Bros follows podcast host, Bobby Leiber, who has no problem with online dating and not being in serious relationships. He is assigned to write a rom-com about a gay couple, but it must appeal to straight audiences. His main focus is detailing how LGBTQ+ relationships are different from straight relationships. Along his journey, he meets Aaron, who may alter his looks on love. 


Billy Eichner 

Luke Mcfarlane

Brock Ciarlelli 

Monica Reymond

Bowen Yang

Don’t Worry Darling- Jack and Alice Chambers live their view of an ideal life in the 1950s in a community called Victory. The men go off to work, while the women stay home and tend to their homes and husbands. The citizens see Victory as paradise. This is until Alice senses suspicion hiding under the beauty. Questions, arguments, and pain arises. What is the Victory Project keeping from the residents?


Florence Pugh

Harry Styles

Olivia Wilde 

Chris Pine

Gemma Chan

Smile- Dr. Rose Cotter is healing from a traumatic experience involving one of her patients. This incident seems to be the cause of her new nightmares and episodes, all following people wearing a big smile. In order to stop these terrors, Rose must confront her past. 


Sosie Bacon

Kal Penn

Rob Morgan

Caitlin Staser

Barbarian- Tess is staying in Detroit for a job interview; she is planning on staying in an Airbnb alone for the time being. When she gets locked out of her Airbnb, a man lets her in and claims it’s his. They end up sharing the Airbnb for the night and plan to work things out the next day. The terrors linger within the basement, and the two of them end up trapped. Little do they know of the secret horrors beyond the basement. 


Bill Skarsgard 

Georgina Campbell

Justin Long


The Woman King- Starring Academy Award-winning actress Viola Davis, who is a part of an all-female warrior unit. Inspired by true events, these warriors protect the African Kingdom of Dahomey, and are known as the fiercest warriors. This movie follows General Nanisca training the next generation of warriors for battle. 


Viola Davis 

Hero Fineas Tiffin

Lashana Lynch

Thuso Mbedu

John Boyega





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