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Horror Movie Review

Set in the Catacombs of Paris, Archaeologist Scarlett Marlowe is looking for the philosopher’s stone, something she has dedicated her entire life to finding. Since the stone is in the deepest tunnel of the catacombs, the group has to go off the beaten path and sneak in. They are chased by the cops into the catacombs and as they climb through a pile of bones, the tunnel collapses behind them! As Scarlett and her guides walk further into the catacombs, they run into unexplainable events but still continue on, despite every warning signal. Tightly packed in small corridors, the only path for them is down. Every step they take leads them further from what they know, and closer to their worst nightmares.

The movie is shot in a found footage style with the characters “filming” most of the footage. This lets you really feel the terror alongside them.

As Above, So Below is one of my favorite movies ever. I watch so much horror that I’m not fazed by it, but I can’t get over the claustrophobia. One of my biggest fears is getting stuck in a small corridor-type space with no way out. This movie is a manifestation of my fear. While I don’t actually like the main character, she’s annoying and none of this would have happened if she just listened to the concerns of her friends. I do love the story and the setting. Personally, this would never happen to me because I would never go into an underground space that has very little structural integrity.



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