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BHS Students Saving Lives!

This year BHS held another blood drive.

The October 6th blood drive was run by the student council here at BHS. Unfortunately, it was not the best drive BHS has ever seen, but they still raised $500 in scholarship money and saved 108 lives. There were 55 students that donated blood and about 35 were successful in giving blood. This is, however, the lowest number BHS has ever seen of students participating in the blood drive. I spoke to Mrs. Cardnial about the blood drive and here are a few things that she had to say, “We did not have as many donors as we liked. But we collected 36 pints of blood. Each pint saves 3 lives, so that’s 108 lives we saved.” The next blood drive is on January 18th, 2023. Students Council hopes to see a lot more people attend next year on that date. “It’s a great cause and saves a lot of lives,” says Mrs. Cardinal. You must be 16 years or older to donate blood. If you have any questions Mrs. Cardnial will be glad to answer them. Her room number is 121.

If you are nervous or weary about giving blood, just remember that you are saving 3 lives when you do it. Hope to see you at the next blood drive!

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