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Vocal Music Department Fundraising

This year the music department for BHS is doing more fundraising than ever. The upcoming fundraisers will be bigger/better and we need your help to try and reach our goal. There is a variety of sweets and meats that you can get from Century Resources. Or you can go to Chipotle in Barberton on November 19 from 5-9 pm. This will help us so much and we should all try to show our support for everyone’s hard work. The sweets and meats are perfect for around the holidays and just for fun. If you don’t like either you can get some flowers, home decor, outdoor supplies, cooking supplies, books, and nut mixes, or you could come show your support at Chipotle. I mean who doesn’t like Chipotle with their family? The way to buy goodies off on Century Resources is by visiting the website at with the group ID 29320. These are not mandatory events but it would really be an amazing act of kindness for the music department. There will also be the Best of Stage and Screen fundraiser in January at BHS or a Skoops fundraiser close to March. I hope to see some of you showing your support and having fun at these events!

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