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Solo and Ensemble Coming to BHS

Barberton High School will be hosting the 2023 Solo and Ensemble competition on Saturday, January 21st. Solo and Ensemble is a high school competition including vocal and instrumental performances. Students come from different high schools in Summit, Portage, Medina, and Wayne counties to perform their solos and small group numbers in front of a panel of judges. These performances are evaluated by a judge and scored against a rating system. The ratings are 1 for the best, 5 for the worst, and everything else in between. As many know, Barberton hosted last year and they had about 399 people competing. But this year’s hosting comes as a last-minute surprise! With the recent information that Akron teachers could be going on strike, the competition was quickly moved out of an Akron district school and to Barberton. For this year’s competition, there are more than 1,000 students competing starting at 8 a.m., Saturday, January 21st, at Barberton High School.

Barberton itself has a large number of students performing. There will be 37 performances total by Barberton students, 32 soloists, and 5 ensembles. If you see any of these students, make sure to send your luck!

Students Include:

Madison Duncan
Audryana Ventimiglia
Alicia Posey
Lydia Swanson
Kaylee Thomas
Josh Gregory
Lindsay Lewis
Alexander Wells
Ryan McInerney
Samantha Poulakos
Olivia Roberts
Isaiah Rockich
Christopher Gill
Saoirse Edelen
Devin Sager
Anthony Semertsidis
Alec Wuethrich
Paul Seiler
Parker Smith
Chris Farmer
Lucas Tallant
Olivia Medina
Ethan Bernhart
Hannah Swanson
Justin Oesch
Olivia Reed
Molly McInerney
Kellen Lockhart
Jullian Dodrill



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