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Holiday Music That Will Bring You a Cup of Cheer!

It’s that time again! The holidays are approaching and with holidays comes holiday music! When it comes to music, there are many different genres of holiday music. There is anything from bubbly and melodic to dark and cold music. I went around and asked some people what their favorite holiday songs were.

Mrs. Petrarca said, “My favorite traditional one is Oh Holy Night, and my favorite fun one is Walking in a Winter Wonderland” I also asked some students about their favorite holiday songs and got songs ranging from Jingle Bells to Carol of the Bells.

When asked what makes a good holiday song, here’s what teachers had to say:

“I think a great holiday song has a catchy or strong melody, meaningful lyrics, and accompaniment that utilizes unique instrumentation” from Mrs. Petrarca.

“I would say one that is inclusive to everyone. Everyone feels comfortable listening to it,” stated Mr. Grimsley.

Everyone loves a good holiday song! However, everyone had different tastes when it comes to holiday songs. it all depends on what you think!



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