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DECA’s New Startup Business: KitCO!

Our very own DECA staff is forming a startup business! Here’s some of the basic information you need to know.

The business that DECA is creating is focused on bringing people together. This is a JA program. As Senior DECA staff member, and Head of Marketing, Olivia Roberts put it “It’s a brand about making the nitty-gritty of life easier”. The company’s official name is KitCO, and the first brand they made is known as Basketeers. This product is a basket of games and activities to bring families together. This includes snacks, drinks, clothes, and so much more. Prices have not been decided, however, there is a survey being done to determine what sort of money people will pay for this product. Please fill out this survey, as it will help the DECA staff know how to edit their product to appeal to the masses. This product is going to change in accordance with the seasons and holidays.

We can’t wait to find out even more about the product, and for it to be for sale!



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