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Black Friday Deals 2022!

Black Friday is universally known as the Friday after Thanksgiving when stores open at the crack of dawn where people stand in lines for hours and people sight over the last 60-inch TV, but in recent years, that concept has deteriorated. With online shopping becoming more prevalent, many stores now start their Black Friday deals the week of or even for the whole month of November with “pre” and “post” Black Friday deals. Two of the bigger department stores with Black Friday deals are Walmart and Target. Here’s a short preview of what the two retailers have to offer.

Walmart: They started their Black Friday deals this Monday online, and their in-person deals started Wednesday. Some of their awesome deals include First-Generation, Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe charging kit for $158, originally $214.

Target: Black Friday in-store and online start November 21 and ends on the 27th. Their Black Friday deals have been public since the end of October so that people know exactly what they’re looking for when they go in.



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