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Academic Challenge at BHS

Have you ever played Trivia Crack? If you enjoy learning and quizzing yourself on facts, Academic Challenge is always looking for new members. Meeting every Monday in Mrs. Ambrosic’s classroom, the team tests their knowledge on numerous subjects, including (but not limited to) English literature, science, vocabulary, European history, and more. The Academic Challenge team had a meet on October 12 at Copley High School. They came in second place to Copley, a team whose members beat last year’s national champions the weekend before. Team Captain Lucas Tallant says, “This year’s team has been working together great at meets and practices. We’ve had some tough matches to start the year, but this season has had a promising start. I’m proud of the work we’ve all put in at this point, and the dedication is astounding.” He urges anyone thinking about joining the team to come to practice on Monday.

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