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A Race Like Never Before

The Magic Cross Country team has had a great season this year, setting many individual Personal Records. The Magics Cross Country was faced with many challenges but was able to overcome them all as a team. This season has been one of the best seasons for senior and cross-country captain, Aaron Miller. “I was able to reach my goal!” In the future, Aaron plans to keep running and attend Akron University. You can also come to watch him in the upcoming musical “Mamma Mia!” 

Even though the girls sadly didn’t have enough members to qualify as a team this year, they still managed to fight in all their races. “It’s been hard, especially because of the lack of runners and injuries, but they managed to pull through. “All the girls continuously place well in meets, and have had a drastic improvement in their times,” says runner Hannah Swanson. She also stated that the goal she made for herself was, “To keep pushing down her times, stay determined, and never give up.”

In addition, the team has a pregame ritual in which they write something down for the race on a green piece of tape and stick it to their shoe. These goals can include time PRs, goals during the race, and motivational quotes. Another pregame ritual the cross country team engages in is an ultimate frisbee game. 

A big part of cross country is the mentality. Despite what it may seem, running is more of a mental sport than a physical sport. 

“When the gun fires, give it all you’ve got. You can rest when you get home,” said Coach Latham. Cross-country involves pushing yourself to a certain extent for a long period of time.

The team has huge goals which involve making it into the upcoming regional meet, and then eventually into the State competition. Saturday, October, 22 will be their District meet located at Glen Oak High School! Come cheer them on and show your Barberton pride.

Lily Tyler
Hi my name is Lily Tyler. I am a sophomore here at BHS in which I participated in both cross country and track. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family while also making time to volunteer in the community. I am a part of the military youth program as well as an art club. This is my first year writing for the paper and I am so excited to be a part of this.


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